Ajudeu-nos a confeccionar aquest llistat emplenant el formulari de contacte amb les dades de l'associació que conegueu i no veieu en el mateix:

-  WIN
The World Intelligence Network (WIN) is founded on January 1st, 2001 by Dr. Evangelos G. Katsioulis. This symbolic date represents a new beginning, a signal of a departure from the structures and functions traditionally associated with high IQ societies.

-  omIQami
The omIQami is an international online no-  profit "Knowledge & high IQ" society founded on May.10.2010 by Andrea Toffoli with the aim of giving informations about Japanese culture

-   AtlantIQ
AtlantIQ Society was founded with the purpose of bringing together high IQ people (in the top 5% -   minimum of 125 IQ, SD 15), who show special skills in the field of art and science, and have an interest in pursuing intellectual challenges.

-   DeepBrain Society
DeepBrain Society is an international High IQ Society founded in 2009.
High IQ societies limit their membership to people who are within a certain high percentile of intelligence quotient. In addition to an IQ (see here IQ conversion) at or above 130 SD 16, on a standardized proctored test given by a professional (and/or proof of very uncommon memory abilities)

-   TOPS -   Top One Percent Society

TOPS is a high IQ society, at the 99th percentile of intelligence, dedicated to the intellectual stimulation and growth of its members.

-   Intertel -   International Society of the Intellectually Gifted
Intertel is a high-  IQ society that has only one qualification for membership: a score at or above the 99th percentile on a standardized IQ test.

-   Poetic Genius Society
The Poetic Genius Society is composed of intellectually gifted individuals with a passion for poetry

-   Infinity International Society 
The IIS was founded by Jeffrey Osgood on January 30, 2007 and we are a 99.63 percentile IQ Society, whose members have a minimum IQ quotient of 140 (15 SD). Our main purpose is to interact with each other in stimulating online forum discussions and to share in the camaraderie of our fellowship.

-   Tensa High IQ Society
Established in 2010, we are an active online community where people with a verified IQ of 120 or higher engage in intellectually stimulating discussion and activities

-   CIVIQ society
CIVIQ society is an international society for people having tested at a very high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) at or above the third standard deviation above the statistical mean of the population (IQ 145 (s.d. 15) resp. IQ 148 s.d.16).

-   The Triple Nine Society
The Triple Nine Society is committed to friendship, communication, the adventure of intellectual exploration, and a greater realization of individual potentials.

-   OATHS -   One-  in-  a-  Thousand Society
OATHS is an international high IQ Society, at the 99.9th percentile of intelligence, dedicated to the friendship and communication among intellectually gifted adults.

-   Genius Society
The Genius Society is a worldwide high IQ society, founded in January 2004, with the purpose of bringing together qualified members at the 99.9th percentile in intelligence.

-   The Glia Society
The Glia Society is an international internet-  based organization for friendly contact between intelligent individuals. For membership, there are requirements as to mental ability.

-   sPIqr
sPIqr is an international society founded on 18th February 2010 with the purpose of bringing together people who pass a certain percentile in two or more IQ tests that they have selected for admission.

HELLIQ Society is the new millennium high IQ society for the profoundly gifted homines intelligentes. Founded on the first day of the third millennium (01/01/2001) by Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis MD, HELLIQ functions as an entirely web based superior intelligence community.

-   The Prometheus Society
The Prometheus Society is a very exclusive high-  IQ society, and discriminates at the 99.997th percentile, which equates to "1 in 30,000" (four standard deviations above the norm).

-   Mega Society
The Mega Society is a high IQ society open to people who have scored at the one-  in-  a-  million level on a test of general intelligence credibly claimed to be able to discriminate at that level.
The most elite ultra High IQ Society is the Mega Society with 26 members with percentiles of 99.9999 or 1 in a million.

-   The PI Society
Date of foundation : 1999
Cut-  off : 99.9999th percentile 

-   OLYMPIQ High IQ Society
Founded: 01/01/2001
Cut-  off: IQ 180, sd 16 Percentile: 99,99997

-   Giga Society
Membership of the Giga Society is ideally open to anyone outscoring .999999999 of the adult population on at least one of the accepted tests.
This means that in theory one in a billion individuals can qualify. 

-   The Grail Society
A goal of this society is to acknowledge you are the most intelligent person ever on Earth.
For reasons of simplicity and symbolism though, a straightforward ".99999999999" or "1 -   10-  11" will suffice to become the Grail Society's member.

-  Vertex Society
Becoming a Fellow of the Vertex Society is free and open to any person scoring at or above 3.75 standard deviations above the mean of the general population on a professional, standardized test of intelligence.
That translates to the following IQ values: sd15 – 156IQ